Hello, for my 14th birthday im getting a new electric guitar. And my dad knows a guy at sweetwater, and the guy is giving us a deal.. if we get this certain guitar which is a black fender standard with a tortiose pickgaurd, we can install any pickups on it free of charge. So i was wondering, what would be some nice pickups to install? Because i hear the mex pickups on it, are sh*t already..?
Budget for pickups (I'm assuming free labor, not pickups)?
For the bedroom, recording, gigging (large or small)?
What kind of pickups is the thing routed for anyways? S/S/S H/S/S?

Details, details, details.
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I was in a nu-metal band when I was 15. I hated the top 3 strings (G,B, and E). I wondered why guitars even had them.
I dont have a specific genre, but i play mainly in my room, and with my dad and sometimes friends, we might start a band so not anything to big .. And he said we can install new pick ups, our choice and most songs i play are by the bands.. Sublime, The Offspring, Cage the Elephant, Joe Walsh, and some stuff like that. My dad has an old 70's strat and i love the sound of that, but i want something that will sound better for like more modern day bands like cage the elephant.
Maybe ask EG instead of MT.
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What kind of amp do you have?

How is your guitar routed?

What is your budget?

Remember: Don't replace pickups to make a bad tone good; you replace pickups to make good tone even better! Your pickups make up a suprisingly small amount of your total tone. If you're playing in your bedroom through a practice amp you won't notice hardly any difference between pickups except maybe switching from single coils to humbuckers.

What is it about your tone that you want to change? Is your sound too bright? Do you need a tighter distorted sound? Maybe a stronger attack? Higher output for more distortion?

Seriously anything helps.
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I was in a nu-metal band when I was 15. I hated the top 3 strings (G,B, and E). I wondered why guitars even had them.
If I was going to have any pickups installed for free on a Strat, I wouldn't even hesitate to put Texas Specials in it.

That should be the obvious choice.
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ffs its a Fender Strat- keep the pickups that come with it.
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