hopefully the name got ur attention haha

this is my 4th recorded song called supernova and was just wondering if u could help me improve it and review it. More then willing to review other peoples songs so just ask (The video is more just for me and my friends so ignore that :P)

Definitely a very chill song. The beginning got a tad boring after awhile, and I was wishing there would be some sort of change in the song, which there was eventually. The second half was much better than the first, in my opinion. I was just getting into the second part when it ended

I'm trying to think what I would have added to the guitar sound to make it slightly more clear... Perhaps a bit of chorus or something to that effect may help a bit!

Overall, good ideas that would become great ideas with a touch of fine-tuning! Also at the video

You can check out any of the songs in my sig! Fourth song is the most recent
Quote by asakura111
hopefully the name got ur attention haha

It definitely did.
You used it as I imagine a composition like this to be used. A nice accompaniment to a video of a happy/good/memorable time/moment.

Nice man.
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Nice pleasant song. Seemed like a great background to your pictures. Did you create it for the video?
hey really sorry for the late replies had some computer issues then viruses bleh but all fixed now :P

so @fly135 i actually didnt i just made the song and thought it would go well with those pictures so im glad you all seem to agree they go together

thank you all very much