Im planning to buy the new Jackson Soloist SLX

I cant test the guitar, cause it isnt avaible here yet but how does Jackson necks feel in comparsion to the ESP necks? Cause i love the neck of my eclipse and i love the looks of that Jackson haha.

I guess no one here has played the soloist? cause its pretty new right?
I haven't played any soloist ever, but I've played plenty of Jackson from plenty of time periods, and I've always found the necks very slick and comfortable. Compared to ESP, I think they're a little bit slimmer, but not as slim as Ibanez. If you like ESP necks, I think you'll like Jacksons, too. You can always go test some other Jackson guitar - it won't be the same, of course, but it'll give you a general idea.

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I own a Jackson and I agree with him, the necks are very slick & comfortable. I love the neck on mine, they're awesome.
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Comparing to a Wizard II, slightly fatter, a little narrower, and more round. Almost like an S neck, but a bit slimmer.
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Yip, I've got the jap soloist sl3, it's pretty dam good, wider than the ibanez but dam good all the same. Mate had the sl1 and that was even better, not by much but it was an awesome guitar. It should be though at twice the price.
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Yea, this guitar only costs around 500$ which is pretty cheap imo =)

Well if it's anything like the other soloists you wont be disappointed, especially at that price.
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Well if it's anything like the other soloists you wont be disappointed, especially at that price.

I will try to hunt one down and give it a test, hope it sounds as rad as it looks!
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Yeah I might get the SLX also. So are the thru-necks on Jacksons sticky?

Not on the sl3 or sl1 anyway, gloss finish but really slick.