Hiya, after a lot of work i've decided to expose my bizarre creation to the brutal onslaught of UG. Electric Guitars are from DI, vocals and acoustic are recorded with my USB condenser mic. Drums are either sampled or sythetic, keys are VST plugins.

soundcloud link

Any and all feedback is appreciated. I'm still developing an ear for this sort of thing so I've really no idea if it's a "good" recording or not, or why. Also whether or not you like the song or not and whether or not you think this kind of music is a good idea.

Much appreciated, Lin.
Ever wonder what rock would have sounded like in 2010 if grunge hadn't made it cool to be stupid?

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Critting while I listen.

So far so good, this has a very nice melody. Very nice melody, actually. A few timing issues, but nothing too substantial.

I didn't feel like the distorted guitar really fit in after the intro, but it was a good riff nonetheless. However DOUBLETRACK THE GUITAR and bring it forward in the mix, I think that would improve the sound quality drastically.

The classical lead is out-of-tune and terribly out-of-place unfortunately. That completely ruined the last bit of the song for me. Too many awkward notes that didn't fit in with the scale.

I like the ideas in the song for sure, but the distorted guitars just seem too far back in the mix so they get lost, especially underneath the vocals. With a bit of fine-tuning (and please take the classical lead out ) this would be really good.