Was never able to really get into deathcore, so I won't comment too much on the song structure or anything like that. There were some very cool guitar parts in the first bit, but they were a bit too few and far between for my tastes. I really liked the section around 1:50, very cool, probably the best part of the song for me. Teh brootalz breakdown, too. Are you planning on putting vocals in?

The guitar tone was awesome, very clear yet heavy, that was well done. The drums were waaay too thin for this kinda song I thought. If those were heavier and there was more emphasis on the bass, this track would have a ton more oomph.

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I like the tone, very clear and heavy for deathcore. It flows well, and has some off the wall random notes during some of the breakdowns with I like a lot. Around the 2:00 mark is a good part. This ones solid too but I like the Progressive Metalcore song a lot better. Props on both of these
Pretty decent song, nice work. I'd get rid of the reverb on the guitars tho and pan them 100% L/R the whole mix is thin and washy.