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I plan to buy a Schecter Blackjack C-1 (TOM Bridge) and love every aspect of it except having a sticky feel after playing for a long time.
I felt like making it a satin but satins weren't my thing so I asked my apprentice luthier friend if he could do this:


Is it a good idea to strip the paint and just oil and lacquer it like a strat neck?

No. Oil finishes only work well on certain kinds of wood. If you lacquered it again you'd just be going back to how you started. Stripping the finish and leaving it raw would just open it up to damage, staining and warping.

To get rid of the 'sticky' feel of gloss necks you just have to make them matte. Rubbing them back with very fine steel wool costs next to nothing and gets it done, it's an hour or two of solid elbow grease but it'll give you a slick feel and it'll keep the neck wood protected.
satin satin... any way to make it "unpainted" ?? as in not having a satin neck?

ANY? ._.
Quote by solidrane
satin satin... any way to make it "unpainted" ?? as in not having a satin neck?

ANY? ._.

sand it off?
sand it off, and use Tung oil to seal it back. It will feal unfinished, but still be protected.
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Quote by solidrane
satin satin... any way to make it "unpainted" ?? as in not having a satin neck?

ANY? ._.
Like I said if you strip the finish entirely you're going to run into problems. There aren't many woods that can be used for raw necks. The ones that there are are rare and expensive. Guitar necks have finishes on them for protection and stability just as much as they have them for looks. If you strip the finish off a neck that is not supposed to be used raw then you're opeing the neck up to more severe seasonal warping, damage and staining.

Even when you see bare-looking necks that look like they're just the plain maple, they will always have a thin matte clear finish on them. Other than rosewood, ebony, canary and a couple of other expensive woods you will not see raw necks being used. Well, other than be morons who are happy to play on a ****ed up neck.
Use 1 thousand grit sand paper on the back of the neck, dry sanded, i did it to my schecter hellraiser, and i made it a satin finish, the thing flies now!

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