Hello everybody. New to this forum and new to guitars. My name is Robert. I'm going through a start over period in my life and I decided to pick up the guitar. I was going to buy one at a pawn shop, but my buddy gave me one instead. He gave me an Ovation Balladeer, model # 1111. Just wondering if anybody has any info on it? I checked the website and it said its an archived guitar. Being new to the whole guitar thing, I'm not really sure what that meant. Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure ill be back around asking for tips and tricks. Thanks everybody.
This might be better posted in the New Members section.

Not sure what an archived guitar is. Been playing for several years and never heard of that. Welcome to the guitar and the forum.
Thank you. I'm doing this from my tablet so its a little hard to navigate. I'll post it n that section
Welcome! If you are brand new to guitar, I wouldn't advise caring about what kind of guitar it is. Focus more on learning the basics on it as well as deciding if it's a hobby you will fall in love with. The reason I say this is because your ear is still untrained between good vs. evil sound, but once you learn to play it and reach a certain point to where you can decide on what sound you want, then when you make your first actual trip to the guitar store to find your soulmate, you will just know.

As far as the whole archived things, it's probably a guitar they no longer produce in their factory. The Balladeer, so I've heard, is a great sounding guitar regardless of model or wood quality. I'll leave it up to you to decide if you like that bowl shape (I honestly don't, but I am also 6'4" and have no problem with huge bodied guitars which I am comfortable with).

Good luck!
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nice guitar, AA spruce top, decent electronics for its time. balladeers sound very nice unlpugged and then you have the option to amp it in the future, i love the sound that ovations produce( i have 6 of them). i also have an expensive taylor but, prefer the ovations... i can just feel salamander wincing at that one! that will be a great starter guitar for you sin. nice thin neck, low action(height of strings), easy to play.
Congrats! A 1111? Sweet guitar to start out with. Here is some Info on Ovation 1111 . I do believe the Balladeer 1111 was strictly acoustic.

You can get more info from the crew at The Ovation Fan Club .
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