Hey guys,
I've been playing guitar for 18months right now and really want to do Technical/Progressive Death Metal music like The Faceless, Decrepit Birth, Beyond Creation etc. I know I need a ton of technique so I don't think I'll be able to play all this stuff in some days. But I already try writing some of stuff like that. Can you give me some feedback about this riffs? I have this feeling they make no sense...

Tabs in the attachment.

Thanks in advance for any tips and feedback.

Ye I know the drums are shitty, of course I can make them much better but I only concentrated on guitar work.
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I think the intro riff is kinda iffy on note choice, and yeah in theory they don't make much sense. That really doesn't matter though, only sounding good does. So I'd work on that one a bit.

The riffs after it though that kick in at bars 9 and 19 are pretty kickass though. The tremolo picking is essential to a death metal style. Pretty good overall, but you might wanna move out of the first 7 frets on mostly the bottom strings. Just working on playing more creatively and melodically.

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