this is just what i have now, my friend is gonna rap over it, and my other friend and i will eventually record a solo or two for it, but yeah let me know how it sounds so far

edit: obviously transitions arent working in my head today hahaha but the gaps work fine for now
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I really like the sound of this so far! You've used some great patches, I don't think there was a single one you used that I thought was out of place. It all comes together really nicely, the only thing that was a bit off was the abrupt ending. With a style like this i'd recommend a fade-out rather than songsongson-DONE.

Still really cool, the second half had a real STS9 kinda groove to it, which was really cool. It would be cool to hear this with the solos (and transitions ) but in my humble opinion it doesn't need the rapping over it.

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Thanks for the review (assuming you're into synths, you probably would have liked my tune "Let Me Know" better than the song you heard). The synths on your song sound very nice! (Though at ~2:30 it's a bit too bizarre for me). The drums are working fine. Yep, could use some vocals. Sounds good overall so far.