i own the avenger model and i mean its not heavy like a les paul but its a good weight. i like the weight because its nicely distrubuted
1) Go to music shop
2) Ask to try guitar
3) See how heavy guitar is
4)Problem solved

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You should be able to pretty easily find the weight with THE INTERNET!

As for a light weight guitar, get an Ibanez S series.
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Yeah, like Way Cool said I'd say it's about 8-9 lbs.
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In my town (somewhere in Greece) there is only one store having schecters. The very low-end ones or the expensive 7 strings in wich i'm not interested. So i can't test the exact same model. In a couple of days i'll be in a bigger town so i could possible be able to test one.

So..ty guyz! 8.8 lbs seems quite ideal for an electric guitar. I attempted to contact Shcecter via e-mail some days ago but haven't got an answer yet about the weight. I heard that c1 hellraiser is arround 11lbs which seems a bit heavy to me. At reviews here i read that ATX Blackjack c1 is quite heavy too.

Schecter guitars seem to be quite descent so i'm about to find them in some shop and try the above models (with damien elite ofc).
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