When you play, should the little finger be crooked or straight?
Cuz I always play with all my fingers crooked but with the little finger straight and I was wondering if it was wrong. I have issues of it deciding to fly everywhere when I try to play, but the same seems to happend when its crooked, so idk if its related...

the little finger on which hand?
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Hey if you're not using your pinky while playing then it shouldn't matter, relax it. In fact when you fret a chord with your ring finger you may notice the pinky flexing involuntarily. Therefore keeping it straight would be a hassle, so don't worry about it.
Probably his picking hand. If it's causing problems, pull it closer to your palm. It will take experimentation to determine how close your pinky needs to be, though.

Are you playing fingerstyle or with a plectrum?
Well if its the picking hand well then you have options, you could play with a loose fist so that the pinky doesn't get in your way, you could 'anchor' your pinky to the guitar body, or straighten your lower three fingers.
Sorry, I forgot to precise. I actually have problems with both, but mostly with the fret one (is there a better name?)