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I'm a newbie electric guitar player, just got started with an Ibanez GRX20 (and rocksmith)... longtime musician (keyboards).

the REASON I am learning electric guitar is because I am always watching concert DVDs, like AC/DC, Police, Rush, and others... and am tired of just watching... so I want to play along with my favorite songs, with my guitar mixed into the dvd output to play along with....

I'm thinking, I've got a vox30ac and mini-15 amp, behringer mixer, a bunch of digitech effects stuff... I usually play bluray dvds through my ps3, with output to a sony receiver, to mdr 7506 headphones...

Any tips on what you guys do, if any do this, to "play along" with favorite guitarists while watching their concert DVDs? I used to gig many years ago (keyboards) in LA, now I'm an old middle aged family man lol, so all I can do to rock out, is play along with Angus/AC/DC and other shredders while watching concert dvds... anyone else do that? tips? thanks all..
i like playing in front of my 55" projection tv (or in the basement in front of my 9 foot screen/ home theater with big speakers)... so that's why playing along with concert footage on widescreens, with surround sound, is fun.... not just audio only... for that "being in the concert" experience using concert blurays/dvds... like, playing along w/angus on ac/dc live at donnington bluray
I usually play along with the studio version. But now I wanna try this. Should be fun playing "with a crowd".

I say go for it man. Learn the songs and then just jam along with the DVD.

it's a lot of fun, playing along with concert dvds... like those instructional playalong books w/cds, but better since there's video to play along with... and it's exciting to have a top band on bigscreen home theater and playing along with it... still got a lot to learn tho
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