I'm looking for something with a Rhoads or V shape, an ebony fretboard and an Original Floyd Rose. I was gonna go for a Jackson but until I can get that kind of money, I'd be interesting in possible alternatives.
Why not try second hand? Folk are selling their guitars all the time and you'd get more for your money too.
How much is 'that kind of money'?
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If you are in the US, then it has everything except the OFR. I would assume the LFR would last you until you saved up money to swap them out though. Most things with those specs are going to be kinda pricey or have a compromise. Also, Check out the LTD Alexi 600, unless you need two pickups. Also, this





that's about the cheapest i think you will find a guitar with those features without going for a nice Jackson

EDIT: Wasn't aware that Jackson had those specs ^^
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