I'm practicing D major arpeggio in 2nd position right now with a metronome but I'm worried if I'm doing the picking right. I don't have any teacher to ask.

I'm picking it like this.

D, F#, A, D, F# - Down stroke
A, F#, D, A, F#, D - Up stroke

Am I doing it right? Or should I alternate pick the high e string which I found somewhere on the net.

D, F#, A, D, F# - Down stroke
A - Up Stroke
F# - Down Stroke
D, A, F#, D - Up stroke

So which one is right? Thank you for the help.
the high F# to A and back down should be hammer ons and pull offs. this makes it more legato like a sweep is supposed to be. then while you are doing the hammer on and pull off get your picking hand ready to do the upstroke on the B string to go back down the arpeggio.
The correct version is the second one. You most go down and up , sweep picking has no alternate picking in it

Hey man i wrote an article about this

Good luck


Sweep picking is mastered when chunked down to more stages.

Start slow is not enough you have to know on what to focus to

As a bonus here is part 2 of the article where you get to learn pachebels canon sweep picking version

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There really isn't a right or wrong way. As long as it feels good and works in context with the notes around it, there's nothing wrong with it.

Personally though, I sweep down the first 5 notes then I do an up and a pull off and finish with ups.
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