Ok. I recently got an old crate cab. I dont believe any of the speakers are stock, and i think two of them are stereo woofers or something. I don't know the brand of any. but here is what i do know:
The cab has an impedance of 6 ohms. 2 of the speakers are 16 ohms each. the other 2 are 8 ohms each. the 16 ohm speakers are in parallel. the 8 ohm speakers are in series. and the 2 sides are together in parallel. It's weird i know. now here's the problem: its not very loud. most of the power goes to the 16 ohm speakers. it's even done that when i rewired it. the impedance equaled 3 ohms and it sounded the same. no volume difference. its equally as loud with or without the 8 ohm speakers. I'm using a sunn concert lead(it's a 200W 4 ohm head for those who dont know). I've played my amp through other cabs and it's always been extremely loud. but this cab it barely can be heard over a drummer playing lightly. I think its a wiring or impedance problem but i'm not sure.
Perhaps the problem is in the speakers. So you don't know what brand they are? If the dB rating in those speakers is poor, then they will sound quiet. Is is 4x12"? I'd suggest you to check speakers and then maybe change them, if necessary.
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yes it's 4x12. also something i failed to mention. the 8 ohm speakers are fairly loud with just them. as are the 16 ohm speakers. but when all are put together there's no volume increase and it sounds like just the 16 ohm speakers are being used. the cab has 3 jacks and a circuit board type thing connecting three jacks together. an in(left), in(right), and an out.the left in is the loudest of the three and the out sounds the exact same. the right out is bassy and tone-less sounding.
it does work. just not well at all. lol
so how do you suggest i wire them? with the set up there is now.
you don't because it doesn't work.

replace two of the speakers with the same ohms as the other two speakers.

problem solved.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
um i was looking for a good temporary solution with hopefully rewiring them or something. i plan on replacing all the speakers. eventually.
Run them 2x12. Don't mismatch the way you did.

Use your 8ohms in parallel for 4 ohms.

Leave the other 2 wires for 8 in case you want options. You can't have an imbalance and expect it to sound good or work correctly.

He answered you like 10 times now. Match all four or separate them into 2x12.
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