I have a Gibson Les Paul Trad, 10-46 gauge strings.

I found some really cool slash titled picks which are Medium to Heavy, about .75-.80mm

Yay or nay to buying and using?
I'd just get them and try them out, I've got loads of various sizes lying about. It's really up to you to decide what works best and feels right for you but I find 1mm picks good for digging in and getting pinched harmonics and sometimes I'll use .60/.76 for strumming the accoustic. It really is an individual thing though.
I use .88mm because I find it works great from playing classic rock to metal. However, I think it is more about your opinion on what feels best. Anyways if you want them, buy them.
You can also go with heavy picks if you prefer. I am also a metal player, and I like to use 1.5mm or so picks. It just comes down to what works the best for you. Try 'em out, what are you going to gain if you don't?
I, personally, use thick picks. When thin picks bend, it sends your wrist an inaccurate estimation of where the strings are, decreasing your accuracy involuntary. I believe in precision, so I don't like that.

A cool brand of picks are v-picks. They're made of acryllic, which basically means you can't wear them down, no matter how aggressively you play. They're excellent. Fair warning, however, they're thick.
i use a v-pick psycho 5.85 mm for both acoustic and electric stuff i used to use a 2mm dunlop the v-pick sounds so much louder and better more mids and highs but also smooth sounding too the thickness lets you play so fast, and i know people prefer thin picks to play on acoustic but i still like this one because it has the same brightness they do as well but more volume
I've been using medium thickness all this time. HOW MUCH of a difference can I expect buying these picks?
Well, some guys struggle with the thickness, some guys take to it like a fish to water. nohomo You'll notice it when you strum.
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at first it was a little different but now i dont wanna go back. when i play my old picks on my clean channel it sounds so dull compared to my v-pick psycho .but some of there picks can be pretty expensive from around $2-$50usd the i think i may be wrong the 50 dollar one is 9 mm think though and my Psycho that is 5.85 mm thick was 15 dollars. they do returns i know because i personally emailed them and asked because i wasnt sure which pick to get i had bought a pack that came with 7 different kinds for a decent price
If you like em, use em.

Myself i use very thick picks while practicing stuff, like 1.20mm picks. Then when preforming i use 0.73mm.
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It's not a massive investment man, just buy them and see for yourself.
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It's not a massive investment man, just buy them and see for yourself.

Nonetheless I would prefer some advice from experienced guitarists
Try loads of picks and you'll find the one that suits you best. I personally like to use a .60 Jim Dunlop Nylon pick for my acoustic stuff and then anything between .88 and 1mm on electric.
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