So I've been wondering whether should I sell my ESP M-II Deluxe (-92) or not. I guess I'm selling it but I still came here for a 3rd person view.

Why should I sell it?
-I need the money
-I play it very rarely nowadays

Why shouldn't I sell it?
-That leaves me without a backup guitar
-Can't play in E standard as my other guitar is in drop D

I personally figured I should sell it. Then at a gig (those are fairly rare) I could rely on our other guitarists backup guitar. Then if both of our guitars fail then were screwed. He's backup sucks balls tbh but its a backup. Also after selling I could afford some recording equipment aswell as some pedals.

Another thing is price. I live in Finland and the M-II deluxe (-92) is in fairly good condition. A couple small dents, volume pot a lil noisy and original frets that will still last a couple of years.
I figured I could dare ask 1100e for it and if someone offers 1000e its done. Here in Finland you could get the 2010/2011 version of the M-II the nearest to my guitar for 1600e new.

Should I sell it and how much could I ask for it?