Me and my RBX375 have well and truly outgrown my little Ashton BA-15, and so are in the market for an amp. I'm after something quite versatile and with a little more power than my old amp. I found a Behringer BXL1800, a Harley Benton HBW-150, and a Kustom KXB100 all in my price range. I've heard bad things about behringers, and have heard their sounds from my school's amps (but that may not be entirely the amp's fault ), and I can't find anything on the Kustom or the Harley Benton. Are any of these any good? if not, what do you suggest?
Under 200 Euro or Pound? Do you want it loud enough for gigs?
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Euro. loud enough for band practices, small gigs would be nice too. I looked at the Fender Rumble 30 as well but 30W seems a little small for what I want.
I dunno under 200 but under 300 you can get the Ashdown T15 250 from Thomann.