I've been looking around for the tabs for these songs for a couple of days now and can't seem to find them anywhere on the internet....So i decided to log in on this forum (as i registered somewhere in 2007 and never really posted XD) to request it.

I'm not experienced enough with learning songs by ear and then tabbing them out...So i was hoping someone could help me out!

Dangerous Mezashi Cat - Prelude - (Celestial Score). Guitar part starts around 0:25

Dangerous Mezashi Cat - Rebel Army Theme - (Celestial Score). This one is my favorite of the 2!

I believe the first one was requested before but it was bumped 3x by the same user in 2009 so...If someone could help me out with the tabs it would be great!

(sorry if my english made it look a bit harsh at times, for some reason some lines i say sound like i'm demanding too much XD, but i don't mean it like that!)
I looked at the site, there's indeed some tab for the rebel army theme, but its sadly not the composer i'm looking for