Poll: Which Pumpkin is your winner?
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50 42%
34 29%
11 9%
23 19%
Voters: 118.

Voting time! Two groups of four, the winner of each group goes through to the final voting round where we decide the winner.

RosieRamone #1

AWESOMO 3000 #2

uk.mace #3

Beyondthegrave #4

ᶌῖᶌα ɭα ɌεᶌσɭƲʈιʘϰ
Pity vote for 3. Your pumpkin is gray for some reason.

It also looks like a depressed bear.
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Although they're all great, #3 gets my vote. The picture quality doesn't do it justice, but you can recognise the character and see that there's a lot of detail.

No I can't. The picture is so bad it looks like a gray blob

The light is the best in the 2# imo.
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The Mario one is spectacular.
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