So after playing a steel stringed for about 2months (I've only played on a classical prior) I've developed those ugly beginner calluses, once again, that looks like I've mauled my fingertips with some razors.

Is it ok if I rub them down to make them look neat with this http://images.musicstore.de/images/GALLERY_ACC0002143-000_1_images390.jpg ?

It actually kinda works, but am I supposed to do that to the calluses?

2nd question - I have started getting some callus on my side of my barre finger... is that a sign that the guitar has too high of an action?
first question answer: no, you don't do anything to your callouses, you just let them be and just keep playing and they look good after a while. the pick looks like it's used for nails.

2nd: if you use barre chords, you're index finger is likely to start callousing. this again is a good thing. not sure about the action though.
If they're really rough, you can take an emory board (Yep, used on nails) and sand down the rough patches.. you won't be taking off a lot of the calluses, but it will help smooth them out... that's about all I'd do.. leave them alone, and they'll condition themselves...

starting over with calluses sucks...
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hey, I've been playing for about 2 years now and still have calluses on my fingertips but never developed any calluses on my side finger for barre chords. I suggest removing them after a while so you bring the calluses out again. If you keep doing this they will not be visible anymore after a while.