Hey guys hows it all going. I really need a new amp (have a Line 6 Spider now) but i am not sure what to get. I no there is a million different threads about this but none seem to fit me. You don't have to worry so much about used new or whatever or where i live i just want some overall suggestions of good amps that suit my style.

Some things i want in the amp:

-1x12 or 2x12 Combo (My amp would be used for mostly home/band practices and when I gig its almost always has a mic to it
-Preferably three channels that way i get like a nice clean tone (not a big deal it could be kind of shitty i guess i wouldn't use it as much as other channels) a marshally tone (think classic and hard rock ACDC GNR Zeppelin...) and then a Old School Metal Channel (Metallica Ozzy Dio Van Halen Megadeth Skid Row maybe even up to some Pantera)
-Reverb would be nice
-Really would like all tube
-Prefer not to use distortion pedals

Some amps i looked at just to give you an idea was the Mesa Boogie F50, Blackstar Venue Ht Stage 60 and Traynor YCS 100.

Don't really wanna spend above 1000 and dont mind used so just dont recommend no Hughes and Kettner Tri Amp or something :P
Location? Currency?

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I've heard great things about the Carvin V3M, 1 devoted clean channel, 2 OD channels each with ample gain available. On board reverb, full EQ for each channel, Switchable 50,22,7 watts.
only three channel I can think of is Randall rt503, it can do high gain, but not the best for Marshall emulation.
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That Carvin V3M is sick and its pretty affordable to $600 bucks isn't bad at all. Now its between that and the Stage 60 :S Thanks Charley and LesPaulJames as well as everyone else
Blackstar's HT range? The 60 watt Stage combo is nice.

Oh, and Jet City as well.