Hey, I just wanted to share this composition of mine. It's a 8-bit/videogame inspired tune I made a few months ago that I've practiced my butt off on (got tendonitis while practicing it too much).


I have tabs if anyone's interested, both guitar pro and PDF. Sorry if this is the wrong forum!


Good stuff!

Make sure you rest up that arm though. Tendonitis is serious business. Pace yourself.
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Your fingerstyle vids are great.
Becareful of tendonitis. Give yourself a break.
Thanks everyone! I've rested the arm up a bit, changed my playing posture and I have for about 2 months done some excersises to prevent it, so I hope it will eventually will "dissapear".

Have you considered playing it on a Classical rather than a steel string? Could make those fast runs go more smoothly.

I like that more "clear", punchy sound the steel string guitar has where you are able to mistreat it a bit more with like slapping the neck, "slapping" the strings like I did in the end and that the thumbpick not hits body of the guitar while I play alternative bass But you're right, it would probably sound smoother!