So, I actually have a few questions

1. Would it be worth it to get just get the js32 warrior ($150) difference?
(please don't say to save up and go to the $1000 range of guitars because there's no way I'll get there in any credulous amount of time)

2.Guitar center's reviews of the js32 are better than the wrxt's, why?

3. Does anyone have any GOOD pictures of "Metallic Black" paint on a guitar (That is one of the finish options) ?

The main reason I'm interested the warrior is that it has a tremolo (my other ones don't), and I'm crazy for the shape.

so to basically sum up my first question, should I just buy the js32 which isn't much of an upgrade from my current guitar save for the trem? Or should I kill 2 birds with one stone and make a complete upgrade and get a trem by getting the WRXT?
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