Trying to develop my recording, writing and mxing skills. This is the start of a song I'm working on just trying to get the music sounding lush and the recording to a high quality and the mix right. Probably going to try and finish all the music first then try and figure out vocals.
Thanks for reviewing both of my tunes! Your latest tune: the intro guitar riff sounds really good! At 0:17, the stop/start guitar riff seemed somehow awkward the first time I heard it (even though it is an interesting effect), but sounded a lot better the second time I heard it. If it were me, I'd be inclined to having the volume lower on the stop/start guitar riff and let the intro riff be a main focus.
yeah man it kinda irked me too, so I restrummed it. Think it sounds a lot better. This is going to be my Verse section, have an idea for the chorus and solo. Just gotta keep plugging away.


yeah welcome man anytime, you got a great sound going.