Hello, My name is Nick.
I'm making a game called Commander Socks ADHD off the Wall. The game doesn’t have very many songs. I clearly can’t make songs so this brings me to my main question, I would very much appreciate if some one could make me some songs. The game is a top down zombie shooter that will be posted on yoyo games. You will have your name (or user name what ever you prefer) in the credits. These song file will need to be .AVI, also I will convert these files for people who want download them so you should name the songs. Lastly I do have one song request, one of the levels (No Pity) is a Left 4 dead inspired level so I would like a song that is also inspired from the L4D theme song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXYsHf29i7E ).

To give you an idea of the game here’s links to the older games:


ADHD game play images:

Thank You
what style of music are you looking for? I have a instrumental song that is sorta 8bit sounding, I had the original nintendo in mind when I did the track. Hit me up with an email if you are interested and I can send it to you in AVI.

I have a heavy metal song with no vocals that would sound good to killing zombies, I've been wanting to get my feet wet with some videogame music. No nintendocore though...
I like the sounds of that. Nintendo + Heavy Metal, Great. My old songs were made by my "meta" friend and they worked. I'll message you my email (Because I don't want to have it out in the open), if you haven't so check your messages.
cool, hit me up with an email, and I can send you those two tracks, plus if you like what you hear, I can work with you and create some more.
Fail, I made a mistake need MIDI not AVI. MIDI is the best for my game making program, avi not so much.
Hey man if you're still interested I totally have a song that would work for this ahaha. It's not heavy metal, it just sounds 100% like video game music. It does have one heavy part that sounds like a boss fight though! It's a bit repetitive too so it's mostly background style music that I think would work for a video game really well.

If you want it just say so and I'll post the MIDI ahah