Thanks for the reviews! "At Night": Instrumentally, everything sounds good to me! Vocals are OK (sometimes a bit pitchy, perhaps some pitch correction could help). Sometimes I use an Antares AVP-1 for pitch correction: sometimes it helps, other times it doesn't. I think Melodyne works better for pitch correction (I tried the free trial version for about a month, but it puts a big strain on the computer). I wouldn't use Melodyne on more than 1 or 2 tracks at a time without bouncing the results to different tracks or the computer could crash. Keep at it!
I listened to tool demo. The vocals weren't horrible, but definately needs work, you need to project more/ sing with more balls lol. I dug the chorus alot, nice harmonys. The main guitar lick sounds like ive heard it a thousand times, no offense, maybe switch it up a bit. guitar solo was nice, cool auto wah sound. I use to play bass in a pop punk band here in AZ. I hardly hear the bass bro! lol, get some basslines going, a good bassline in a pop punk song is rad and can really lift a song.

When you got a moment check out my acoustic track. Thanks.
The intro was very pleasant. The guitars are probably the best part of the song. I felt that your drums were a tiny bit too quiet, but at least it's interesting and supports the song nicely.

I don't have a problem with your vocal style, but it sounds like you were singing too close to the mic. Also, I'd like to hear a little more conviction in your voice, especially in the chorus. I liked the overdubbing.

I think the biggest thing you should work on is making sure your vocals always stay on tempo since you do fall off the beat every so often.

I hope this helps,

It starts out really poppy and gives a good vibe.. The voice feels a little odd at the start, but that odd feeling fades before you know it. The guitars sound really nice and the whole song sounds pretty awesome. The bridge is pretty cool as well where it is just drums and singing, when the rest of the instruments kick in, it gives a pretty "explosive" feeling.. Great job..

My song is a bit more towards metal, but if you could take the time, it would be awesome

Cheers, Thomas V.