Hey all,

After playing on a Line 6 Spider 3 15W for about 3 years, I've decided it's time for a little upgrade. At the moment I'm playing an Epiphone SG400, but I'd also like to buy another guitar.I'm looking at something with a faster neck and active pickups, however, that's not what I need your help for (at the moment).

I need an amp that's good for metal, ranging from doomy Black Sabbath to thrasy Slayer to brutal Cannibal Corpse. Very good distortion is obviously important. What is important to know is that I will only use this as a bedroom amp. I will not be gigging with this and it's very important to get a good sound at low volume.

I've also been using a Line 6 Toneport with the gearbox software and I love fiddling around with various effects.

At first I was thinking about a Peavey 6505+ 112 or Vypyr tube 60. The advantage is that they have (good) distortion built in, and the Vypyr alot more. However, I'm in doubt wether or not a good pedal would be better at it. Somebody also told me they'd have to be way too loud in order to produce good sound.

I've also been looking at the Blackstar HT-5C. It's only 5W, but I think it would be more than loud enough. I can then distort it to my liking using a variety of pedals.

Quite important to know, the budget is around €500. I'm also very hard to convince buying used stuff

I hope you guys can give me your thoughts on this. This has been typed on an iPad, so sorry if autocorrect has done some stuff that I've overlooked
I think you would be happier with the Vypyr Tube 60.

I mean, your range of music styles is not all that diverse, but I think you would be really happy with the distortion tones on the Vypyr. The fact that it sounds good at all volumes is a plus. Being able to use headphones and USB is also nice. I own one and really like it. I also own a UX1/Pod Farm. I don't know if a MFX pedal would be a better way to go but I hear the latest Pods and Digitechs are really nice.

Good luck and well written OP