I am considering a new amp to save up for. So I thought I'd come over here and get a few opinions on whats out on there. Ive been browsing but I think Im asking the wrong question or looking in all the wrong places.

Budget?: I really dont know.. I'll assume the most I'm going to want to spend is $1000. I dont know how comfortable I would feel going much higher than that.

Genres?: Mostly Metal. Pantera, Lamb of God, Tyr, Amon Amarth, etc. I really dont want suggestions like "X guitarist uses this, so get it". I'm just looking for a good sound, not trying to be in a cover band.

New or Used?: Makes do difference to me. If its a discontinued model thats suggested, it will obviously be used but I'm fine with either.

Home or Gig?: Home mostly. I will take it out to go jam with friends (drummer and a few other guitar players in garages etc) several times a month however. I live in apartments so a combo amp is more suited for me.

Closest City?: I'm in La mirada, Ca. Surrounding cities are Whittier, La Habra, Buena Park, Lakewood, Santa Fe Springs.

Current Gear?: Guitar-Schecter Damien Fr.-this guy is gonna get replaced soon too (probbably with something that doesnt have EMG's), but that's for another time.
Amp- Peavey Vyper 75....This amp is perfect for a practice amp but its craftsmanship is horrible. It doesnt quite keep up as well as I would like in a garage either. I've just grown out of it and would like a "real" amp. (not a digital processor loaded hooked up to a speaker).

Thanks guys, hope to get some good feedback.

If you need any more info, let me know and I'll edit my post.
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What we need is a budget. Even if you don't know, what is the most you'd be willing to spend. Looks like you don't need anything too powerful, a 5w amp can handle a few guitarists in a garage or you could get a 100w monster. We need a budget.........
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For a smaller amp, I would recommend the Orange Dark Terror. They are small but can put out some serious volume and distort well without blowing your face off.

For something bigger, maybe a Peavey 6505 combo and a THD Hotplate Attenulator.
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6505, 3120 and avatar or whitebox 2x12

used 6534, super sonic 60

Egnater Vengeance is out, dont know yet
used Bogner Alchemist head?
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also edited again, I would prefer a combo amp. I live in apartments so anything with a seperate cabanit is probably a bit much than more than tolerant neigbors can handle.
dark terror or carvin v3m in 7 watt mode
super sonic 22 combo
used jvm 50 1x12?
Mr. Zachary Vex on the fuzz probe: "Congratulations. You must be insane. Even I don't get how to use this pedal".