In light of the recent events involving the NYPD and the way they call prosecutors "piece of shit" and talk down to people receiving public aid, I stumbled across the reason they would be protesting and saying such things about lawyers.

Apparently there was a giant corruption bust, or something along those lines. But the phrase "ticked-fixing" keeps getting thrown around, and google isn't being very helpful.

So I was wondering if the Pit could help me out!

Here's the link to the story: http://gothamist.com/2011/10/29/cops_mock_poor_people_calls_prosecu.php#photo-1
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Cops making tickets 'go away' for friends, relatives, other cops, etc.

The NYPD is protesting because they think they deserve special treatment apparently.
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They're probably talking about the fact that police will do anything to meet their "quota." Around here, the cops recently got the right to use radar/lidar taken away from them because they would purposefully use guns that were calibrated wrong, (to catch more people "speeding") and go get the wrong guns calibrated when someone raised hell about it.

Edit: ^That's probably more accurate. I haven't read the article yet.
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