Does anyone know what song it is? The new Nyquil commercial with Jarome Iginla. I'd link to a Youtube video but I can't find it there, you guys know what I'm talking about though. I'm thinking black keys but dont know them well enough, it'll probably just be some guy that writes just for commercials though. C'mon guys it's driving me nuts.

P.S. Please refrain from posting links to unfunny songs, it's unhelpful and not many find it at all funny. Thanks.
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he sucks

He's definitely not the best but he doesn't suck that badly compared to most of the players we got in the NHL at the moment.

And P.S. If you're going to try and be funny, maybe try a little harder. (directed at the guy above this guy)
I know this is an old question but I went on a huge hunt to find out the name of this song. Asked around but no one really knew so I just emailed the company. This was their response.
"Hi Iain,

thanks for contacting Vicks.

I apologize, most of the music in our commercials is original. It’s written by a company that composes very short pieces specifically for use in commercial backgrounds. There is no sheet music or recording available.

Thanks again.

Oral-B Team"

So there you have it, it was written for the commercial.