and the Sarcastic Pricks shall rise once again. you know the deal...

The List
1. mcraddict81592
2. AcousticMirror
3. lbj273
4. there is no number 4
5-7 Lets be honest, the top 4 are too awesome for 5-7 to exist
8. coolstoryangus
9. darkwolf291
11. Sguit (11 because I can't allow a Canadian to be in the top 10, surely you understand)
10. gregs1020
27. Bostonrocks (seriously don't listen to a word he says)

Who do you nominate for this list? All nominations will be thoroughly reviewed and those deserving will be added.

The first rule of the list is you don't talk about the list. (except in this thread)
The second rule of the list is you must read everything imagining James Earl Jones reading it
The third rule of the list is you can't be on the WTLT list
The fourth rule is if we deem you prick enough you can still be on the WTLT list and this one too

That is all
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I don't know how to count canadians, the metric system is hard

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well if lbj pokes his head in here and there's no nuts shit's gonna go doooooooowwwwwwwwwn.

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I wanna be on teh list.
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That's the advantage of being such a distance from Yianni. I can continue to live my life without fear of stumbling upon his dark terror.

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