Picked up this Vetta HD head from GC used for a total of $480 after taking 311's recommendation on a new amp. The thing is freakin amazing. It has every tone i could possibly imagine. Solid state amps and modelers always made me skeptical but this one removes all doubt from my mind. Sure the amp models don't sounds as good as the real thing but i mean for the money and the sheer amount of models this thing comes loaded with, definitely worth it. Haven't even gone through like 1% of all the effects and amp combinations possible with this thing and I havent had the chance to try out the recording features yet.

Next up is the Orange 2x12 Closed back cab i bought used for $350. Its in excellent condition, comes with 2 V30's (obviously). Thing sounds badass, really boomy, runs well with both the vetta and my 18W. I personally don't think its worth the 750 that is usually runs new but for the price i think this thing was a steal

Last one, I got this 2x12 avatar cab about 2 months ago but never wrote a formal NGD for it so here it goes. Bought it used for $350 (same as the orange?!) loaded with 2 G100K's. its smaller than the orange but quite clearly modelled after it. I like the sound of my 18W through the orange better but the Vetta sounds better through the Avatar (usually), depends on amp model and all though.

Both are great cabs, if you have the money I say go for the Orange but the Avatar is quite nice as well, G12K100s are freakin badass speakers though. Running both in stereo with the Vetta's 2 amp models is legit as hell.
HNAD man. Not really my cup of tea, but if it works for you then awesome!
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I dunno what it is but I kinda like the look of them.

All space agey and futuristic...HNAD
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Vettas are cool amps and you got a great deal on that Orange cab. I imagine the Avatar sounds better with the Avatar, because the speakers are a bit more on the neutral side. Try turning off the cab modeling on the Vetta, you'll notice a bigger difference.
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Damn, great steal on the Vetta. Been looking for one on the cheaps for a while. I remember seeing them for about $300-500 like 2 years ago, then the price jumped to like $800 on my locals.

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Just a question in case anyone knows, the amp is supposedly 300 Watts, any chance this'll blow my speakers?
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Picked up this Vetta HD head from GC used for a total of $480 after taking 311's recommendation on a new amp.

Now if you ever hate it, you can blame 311 .

HNGD! Looks futuristic (compared to other amps, that is). Don't know about the whole vintage/road worn craze going on......
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TS - the vetta should be fine with the avatar provided you aren't going too far over about half way on the master. it should be a 200 watt cab plus some fudge room.

i'd say your set for a good week or so.
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Nice man, Vettas are powerful stuff... I rehearsed with Fred Ts Vetta last time we rehearsed with their chuggah setting. THAT sound moved air They use the Big Bottom amp-sim on theirs when they used them live and on albums.

Thats freaking awesome, half the reason i got a Vetta in the first place was knowing that they used them and I love the Meshuggah tone.
Vettas are brilliant. Bumblefoot and Trent Reznor have used em too. HNGD!