Might consider your head
as my strung instrument.
Composing away into
you and placing dust
onto it after my fingers
lose interest.
King said "They're great,
why don't you be more like
them?". Obviously, our noble
king has a serious
Ring twice for help,
ring once for happy;
as long as you have the money.
The bankers.
The wankers.
Differed letter.
Offsprings of a rat bitten
by a prostitute, mat ridden
with a hungry newt.
Help yourself to some more
cheese huh?
Cheesy little bastard.
Queezy tummy, measly
two hours.
I put my soul into this.
I put hard work into this
and I've placed a mouse trap
at the beginning,
end and all inbetween.
You've fallen for all of them
and left nothing for the mice,
or the men. I can't tell anymore.
Ring thrice for community service.
Wink once for special service.
Nothing later, but early on
we have landed a parking spot
so we're satisfied with just that.