When you want to figure out what chords/notes are in a song, so you can play along how do you usually go about it?
Because Im trying to train my ear, so I just sit with my guitar the CD and play along till I think what im playing is the same and carry on till I've got the whole song. Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes its fast.

But how do You do it?
Do you have certain things you usually do to figure out how to play it, or tips on how to tab it out faster?


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Note that I don't tab much, and instead subscribe songs to memory. Typically I identify the key(s) and time signatures playing along on first listen, then go in small sections and use relative pitch to identify each part. Play with song 3-5 times to lock in the knowledge, check for nuances/mistakes, and establish muscle memory.

I'm not a person who engrosses themselves in a song to learn it, so I tend to get by learning/tabbing/notating/whatever after only a few listens.
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i usually imagine myself playing the song.....................it actually works
and i'm not actually writing tabs this way but rather commit songs to my memory
as far as learning chords in a song, I just have heard chord progressions and studied enough theory about chords to know what chords sound like in context of certain keys. I can hear a Bm in the key of D and I know it's a vi chord, even if I don't know the key. Also, you can pick out simple progressions easy if you've heard them enough to know what they sound like.
That's really it, I'm awful at picking out riffs by ear. I can get simple guitar melodies or riffs, but nothing too hard. But when I do, I just listen to it over and over again and try playing notes until I get a few. Once I get a few of the notes down, I know the general area on the fretboard that I should play in to get the rest of the riff. It would be SO much easier for me (and you too) if I learned to see keys better on the fretboard.
I figure out what key it's in, usually. I follow the bass, to hear the chord progression. Then I hear the chords to discern their texture and find out what notes are in it and where.

Other than that, it's just plain-old familiarity with intervals and notes and what they sound like.
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