Im sick of this! Elixir lasts long? Yeah right! I have replaced my e string just before a wekk and a half, and it already broke! I usually break them all once in 4 weeks. How is that possible? I have .010 .046 Elixir strings. Maybe the brand is just shitty?
I've had my elixir strings on for months... sounds like the player to me.. what are you doing when they break?
i can tell you, its not the brand, its either you or your guitar. basically what the first 2 guys said
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You must have sharp parts on your tuners/nut/or bridge, because NO string brand should snap that fast. If you pick super hard that could also be a factor.
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I have found Elixirs to be very crappy in my pesonal experience. I bought a set and with in 30 min my high E broke. Deffinately not worth the $13 a set IMO. And I really didn't like the fealing of a coating on the strings.

However this is MY experience and many people like them and have had good results.
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nothng wrong with the strings .... I've had those strings on my guitar for Years before .... they go flat.... but they never break... probably just saddle spurs
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Dunno my teacher said its probably a design screwup. And i forgot to mention something - the string broke from the ball. The ball literally broke away from the string - and thats supposed to be the strongest spot.
If you're snapping the ball off the string you either are picking WAY to hard or you have a (or several) spur(s) in the tailpiece that is(are) slicing the string(s) as it(they) vibrate(s). Either get someone (or do it yourself, it's not that difficult) to file any rough edges in the tailpiece. If the strings are still breaking at the ball after you have done this, you are raping your guitar and need to pick lighter.
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Played with Elixir's for 2 years. Only time they ever broke for me was when I was picking too hard. Like everyone else has said, you're picking too hard or something is slicing the string at the tail. Do a thorough inspection.
Technique and/or your guitar, mate. I've never broken my plain steel .008s even with the amount of abuse I subject them to. I haven't had a single break in... a bit over two years, at least. When my strings used to break, it was because:

            It's certainly not the string. It could be if you broke it once, but if it's a recurring problem, it's most likely your guitar.
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            if you're snapping strings on a regular basis, there is either a physical problem with your guitar (such as a sharp nut or bridge saddle, but this seems less likely due to the fact that your break all of them) or player error. feel the nut and the bridge, as well as any other part of the guitar that the strings touch, and see if theres anything that feels even slightly sharp. file it down just a bit.

            otherwise, lighten up with your pick attack!!
            I just tried a set out and snapped the high e within 2 hours. Normally i use gibson strings on my gibson and these last about a month give or take a few weeks. Mine popped of at the ball aswell. hmm. i also pick very hard and bend alot but thats no excuse for a break that fast. My guitar is also in perfect shape. Maybe certain sets are really just shit.

            EDIT: i do enjoy the tone very much on the ones that lasted though
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