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...or at least somewhat reduce our tendencies to procrastinate.

I'm suggesting that over the month of November we put in SOME effort to actually do those things that we've been meaning to do for a long time. Whether it's studying for exams; learning a hard song on guitar; getting a job; starting that project; or finally moving out of your parents' basement.

This is about more than just a month of getting yourself alway from the internet 24/7 (for the majority of us I'm assuming). It's making a lifestyle change to do what we always think about doing but don't due to small and insignificant reasons. It only takes 21 days to make something a habit. Make putting 15-30 minutes aside everyday to focus on something you need to do one!

Your anti-procrastination goal/goals can be as small or as large as you want! (Unlike other things in life...) Make one and stick with it for just one month!

Myself? I'm making myself study for my exams (3-6 hours a day, depending on how busy I am that day), finish my scholarship applications and learn at least one song a day from my new band's setlist.

Post your goals and progress over the month. Those who lie in their updates will only be cheating themselves.

Somewhat useful:
Even more useful if you have firefox(credit to guitarxo for finding this):

Metal Axe

Sorry if I've left anyone out.
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I just submitted the final draft of a 22 page Psychology paper (roughly half of it was just the appendix and tables) minutes ago.

I started revising my shoddy, incomplete first draft around 11pm despite having a week or two to do it. It's 7 in the morning right now and my class starts at 10. I'm not even going to bother sleeping.

I think I have a problem.
This is a good idea, I'll join you.

1. There's a room I need to clear out.
2. Get heaps of crap on eBay (mostly stuff from that room.)
3. Get back into the habit of practising classical guitar.
4. Get my next guitar build started.
5. Also got a few songs I want to learn on piano.

That sounds like plenty for the moment I think
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I started revising my shoddy, incomplete first draft around 11pm despite having a week or two to do it. It's 7 in the morning right now and my class starts at 10. I'm not even going to bother sleeping.

It's stuff like this (which pretty much everyone does) that influenced me to try and make a change. Doing an assignment last minute isn't usually enjoyable (unless you're absolutely destroying it). Not learning all the material for a band practise because you were too busy putting it off; saying you'll start going to the gym tomorrow; never asking out that girl because you're always waiting to do it when everything is "just right"; and many other examples are why procrastination needs to be put off until you've done everything else.

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This is a good idea, I'll join you.

Good on ya!
What if I consider procrastinating important? Then it is not procrastinating at all.
I'm in. This thread might just give me a little bit of motivation. (something which is retty much absent from my life at the moment.)

My goal is to get a job lulz. More specifically, a job teaching guitar. But I could settle for something less... I don't know the word for what I mean. But you get it.
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Can't agree more with you, TS. Procrastination is that one really sinister thing standing between me and a much more awesome version of me. I really want to upgrade myself by actually getting work done --> less stress and less anxiety --> clearer separation between job and personal life ---> happier life --> opportunities to achieve bigger things. It's great to see others with the same goal. Let's do this. I'm so pumped. I'll definitely start the challenge some time in the near future. Definitely.
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I'm in. Gonna submit a study abroad application for this winter. And study for an exam this week.
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Count me in, I've got two 5 page papers due at the end of the month and some other assignments to take care of. I'm going to check back in regularly. TS, you should create a list of people taking part in the challenge in the OP.
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I'm in! I actually forgot about this, thanks for making the thread

immediate goals:

- post my absentee ballot registration form (I printed the form out 3 months ago but I cba to go buy stamps )
- finish studying for finals a week before my first exam
- finish reading all my library books before they're due
- dance for at least half an hour every day
- meet faculty adviser
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I got a 20+-page research paper due january, a 6-page essay due on monday and another 5-page essay due... I don't know when. Soon. I also have a presentation on wednesday.

I haven't started with any of the above things. I need to stop procastrinating. Today I'll get started, that's a promise.
Yeah, later man.
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TS, you should create a list of people taking part in the challenge in the OP.

This is a good idea
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Doing an assignment last minute isn't usually enjoyable (unless you're absolutely destroying it).

Doing assignments is never enjoyable, that's why I always put them off until the last possible moment
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^Finishing an assignment 5 minutes before it's due is soooooooo much more satisfying than finishing it ahead of time because then you're like "okay...what now" but if you're running out of time you're like FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH
Haha im doing an assignment for uni, and now im ULTIMATE procrastinating by going on here. Good old UG, i miss it
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6. Lied? Would I?
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41. Been called a *****?yes, they rate me 5 stars...
46. Kissed someone in a moving vehicle?no, i dont have insurance
TS, you couldn't have made this thread one month earlier? My exams ended last week. And this probably would have helped. A lot. Anyway... I'll study more next time, I guess.
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Anyway... I'll study more next time, I guess.

I tell myself that lie every year.

"Gee willickers Kevin, this year you're going to keep up with all your assigned readings and you'll look over your class notes later that night so you won't be overwhelmed when your exams come around!"

Three minutes later I'm watching Simpsons streams online or browsing reddit for hours on end.
I'm in. I have to practice math because i have an exam next friday. I also want to finish building my acoustic.
I don't know, for assignments and such I always need some time-pressure, otherwise I'll just get started and think 'but I have plenty of time..' and then I'm off doing something completely different. I just work better when there's almost no time left
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I'll try. I need to catch up with my philosophy reading. I have some time between classes today and tomorrow (every Monday and Tuesday, actually) so I'm gonna start studying a bit then instead of getting on UG the whole time.

I should start looking for a job as well. I got, and filled out, an application a couple months ago, but never turned it in. But yeah, time to start really trying.

Also, stickying this thread as a reminder. I always forget about my goals
Updated the OP. Good to see more people joining since I went to sleep last night.

I'm going to take 15 minutes to eat some afternoon tea and unwind and them I'm getting started with some Calculus study for an hour before Muay Thai training.
This is probably a good idea, I need to bring my math grade up a little. I also need to work harder to lose some weight, I gained a lot over the summer, I might have to get a 30 day ban though to stop. Actually I have math homework due tomorrow. I'm going to bed in 10 minutes. I'm on UG. I'll get banned after I complete all of my projects on here.
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I really need to stop procrastinating or else I may get really bad grades this semester.
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I really need to stop procrastinating or else I may get really bad grades this semester.

Then join us! Just set something like half an hour everyday towards study/assignments as soon as you get home and it'll become habit in good time.

My first day started good, and then I got random abdominal pains for an hour when I was meant to be studying. My body has obviously gone into withdrawl.
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