G'day, how's it going?

I'm converting a Stratocaster and wanted some of your opinions about pickups. What can people recommend for a good Pop Metal/Hard Rock pick ups from Seymour Duncan for a Stratocaster (It will go Humbucker, Singlecoil, Humbucker)?

I wanna get like a Def Leppard/Bon Jovi/Dokken '80's thing going. I guess you could say a good clean tone but something that works well with a high gain distortion at the same time. (Mind you I'm still learning about guitars.)

I've heard people talk about SH-1 with a TB-59, but I have no idea what the singlecoil should be.

Thanks for any help!!!

Cheers Matt.
Seymour's original JB prototype was actually designed for Jake E Lee's stratocaster so I imagine that's a pretty good match. As for the single coils you'll probably want something warm with a medium amount of output.
I used a DiMarzio Chopper in a H-S-H configuration as the middle pickup between two PRS pickups and it worked really well. You should consider using a SD Hot Rails, or something with a ceramic magnet and a bit higher on the output if you're using it between two fairly powerful buckers.
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