Right soo hopefully my jet city jca100h will be delivered tomorrow and i need abit of help on picking a cab as ive heard soldano style amps have to have the right speakers to sound good.

At the moment the only cab i have is an orange 1x12 with V30 but i wont be able to run it into that as its a 60 watt speaker. Soo im after a 2x12 For gigging. I was just gonna go for an orange 2x12 OB cause i know someone selling one cheap but i dont wanna get it if its gonna sound bad with the head. Anyone got any recommendations?

This is my band to get a reference to the kinda thing we play.

Orange 2x12s are great cabs. Plus, if you don't like the V30s, you could always sell them for like $100 a piece and buy Eminence or WGS new for much cheaper.
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yeah I've got an Orange 2x12 for my Marshall DSL 100 and it sounds better than anything marshall make. If you can get one at a good price I'd get it, even if its not a perfect match for your JCA it'd be a great addition to any cab collection.
Buy your freinds orange 2x12 if the price is good.
If you dont like it you should be able to sell it for a profit and look for something else.

Other things to mention tell us your budget, location.

Used Mesa 2x12s are nice there worth a look.
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Soldano uses Eminence V12 speakers for all of his cabs, but 1 and they use some crazy speakers in that one.

If you like the V30's with it, by all means stick with that. You may find it hard to locate a cab loaded with V12's that you can actualy try before you buy it.
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