Hello everyone
I've bought a Takamine guitar a while back but I had never figured out the model of it and I was wondering if anyone here can help me on this. I don't really know much about guitars so I really have no idea the value of the guitar. I bought this in a charity auction my school had a while back and the school didn't know who the previous owner was, they just sold it because no one ever came to pick it up even when the teachers told everyone about it. I bought it for around $75.

(This is my first post so please forgive me is I did something wrong.)

Take notes about it (details about its specs and such). Check the info written on the tag just inside the sound hole below the strings. Go to Takamines website (they should have a catalog of ALL their guitars) or call them with the info, they should be able to help you out.
how does it play?
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Looks like one of the Takamine "lawsuit" models....Made to look as much like a Martin as possible. As I understand it, no suits were filed, but "cease and desist" orders were issued.
Check around, it may have some collector's value on that basis.
The problem is that the guitar model is left out blank and the number inside the guitar isn't written in the average method of "Year/Month/Day/Production#".
Yes headstock very Martinish. So how does it play? Cheers