i picked up rocksmith, great game btw ;D and noticed it uses a usb to interface with the xbox. so i was thinking, since the rocksmith guitar adapter converts the signal to digital, cant i use this as a midi interface with my computer? all that i would need is a driver to allow me to use it as a midi interface. has anyone heard of anything like this? or is anyone skilled enough to write a driver for it? id love a midi pickup for my 7 string
No it's not a midi cable.
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I don't think it's possible. I doubt Rocksmith ever converts to anything even remotely close to MIDI, it probably just has a note recognition program that tells you if you're hitting the right note or not, and a timing program that senses when you're hitting it. Polyphonic MIDI is a completely different animal. This would be like the difference between a picture of a document and a Word file. Without a lot of complex (and inaccurate!) processing, the computer doesn't know what the text in the document says.

Basically, the fact that it's digital doesn't get you appreciably closer to MIDI. MIDI units for guitars are really expensive for a reason - they're a lot more complicated than just digitizing a signal.
It works with the 2014 chord, I use it in fruity loops all the time, and with guitar rig, amplitube 3. Sorry about the resurrect, didn't realize how old the thread was. But, I assume someone could use a clarifaction here.
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