I'm looking for versatilty. i have already bought an evo2. i am going to put a coil split on, with a miniswitch. that leaves me with two push pull pots with phase switching or series/parrallel. i was thinking an evo, split coil and parallel would proabblty be good and i kinda want phase switching too. i also intend to buy an air norton s for the neck and i'd want coil spilit for that too, so could i spilt it with the coil spiliter miniswitch as well and the evo?

Sorry if ivew had any bad grammar i have only had 6 hours of sleep in the past 4 ithinkdays

tahnks in advacnce
Ask yourself before you do this...."Will I really, truly, absolutely, use all of these options in a practical sense?"

That being said, you're going to need a separate switching system for both pickups, unless you plan on having each option become engaged on both pickups at the same time.
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so when i coil split the evo2, the air norton s would be too?? I'm fine with that.
I know i would use the phase switching quite a bit.
I'm not so sure about the series/parallel though. thats the other question my idiot self was trying to ask...
i was just thinking that because i have to dimarzio push pull pots 500k, (Switching from 250 to 500) and might as well have more options. this is my main stage guitar atm, and my recording one. so i need it to be pretty versatle. and the reason i thought to go to parallel, so i could tone down the hot evo split