Hi guys,

Came across this guitar model in an online advertisement. Wasn't able to trace it back to peavey. The owner says its not a PLUS series guitar and I am unable to find Peavey Predator EXP. All that is on the net is Peavey Predator Plus EXP.

Does this guitar really exist or this person is selling a fake.?

For reference:
-- Saurabh --
I belive i have seen this afew years back... let em guess its a hum/sing/sing config...i think these were in a strater pack i almost bought one a few years ago until i relized it was a beginner guitar..nothing agianst peavey but my first guitar was a peavey raptor not so good... so i wouldnt recomend dealing withh any low end stuff from them unless your goin to maybe mod it some how..

EDIT sorry my bad.. not the guitar I thought it was... just looked it up and it looks nice but for $200 new id still be a bit careful
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