Got myself a used bronco from the pawnshop. pics soon, but I'm waiting for class to start and it's in my trunk. I want to use this bass with rounds and have an aggressive slap and punk sound (my other basses are all flat wounded vintage style)

My goal is to mod this thing. I am considering a gfs lil killer set, and routing this thing for neck, middle and bridge like a strat. At N 6.5k, M 10k, and bridge at 15k will they be terribly unbalanced? Especially if I were to use them in a 3 on/off switch style? Would using say 3 10k be better?

Also, I have a lead on getting a GFS full lipstick set for $35, for a N 4.9, M 6k, B 8k

Would they be better? or would too much feedback with a tube preamp set for over drive, muffs and such.

Pic added, and creepy doll I saw at the thrift store nearby
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