While fleabaying, I came across a vintage jazz bass copy. It has really interesting pickups. Can anyone tell me what type of pickup that is? Are they worth a shit? Are there any companies that make replacement pickups in that type?

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very common among kent, etc japanese copies. They look cool, but are so specific to the batch of basses created it's hard IMO to class them tone wise. Also, these basses and guitars are rapidly increasing in price, a lot do not warrant the price increase and need to be played and inspected carefully. Many have degraded pickups, ruined tuners, broken nuts, no truss rod, or broken ones.
lol theres 3 min left in the auction
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I didn't necessarily want THAT one, I was just curious about the pups...

If I had other, unrelated bass questions, would a new thread be appropriate or no?
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I'm considering getting a bass later on, but being the OCD freak I am, I've been looking at all manner of stuff. I figure I'd do okay with a SX bass and then modify it a bit. I suppose my question so far is what would be the basic differences between:

The standard Ibanez ATK
A SX Jazz with the bridge pup changed to a MM/soapbar type pickup
A SX P bass modded into a PJ bass, with potentially a humbucking bridge pup

I know for sure that I like the ATK from personal experience, but for what I'm hoping to spend, I was wondering if one of the others would be similar, with a similar wide area of the string coverage...
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the ATK is used by several here and very unique, I almost bought one. It's an active bass, with a super 3 coil pickup and several options surrounding that pickup wiki and google it in the meantime but it's got a thick neck as well.

Jazz basses have thinner necks towards the nut, and p basses have thicker necks similar to the ATM. both options would require routing, preamps and new pickups to match the ATK but not the same as that huge pickup. unless you got that pickup on ebay and installed it.
p.s. those old pickups when brand new may have sounded cool, and I just laughed at the garbage sound. Gave the thing to a kid who wanted a beater-bass after a week or so.

the bass itself was plywood, very pretty and actually had a one piece baseball bat neck that played, but UGH, the crummy sound and weighing probably 11-12lbs was a joke and I gave it away.
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