Hy guys, i have a problem with my amp. It's a vox ad50vt. It makes sometimes a strange thing. While I'm playing suddenly the amp looses volume, it's like putting it on mute It's hopeless to turn the volume up because it still doesn't make a sound. If i turn it off for a few seconds or minutes,and then turn it on almost in 99% of the cases the amp would come back to life. This annoying thing happend to me quite a few times now.... last time i was playing at a gig and did this to me... how embarrasing... i don't know what to do to it. Some people told me that the tube frome the pre-amp is messing with me but did't tell me what to do exactley!

If you have any ideeas please share them... thank you!
many people told me that my problem could be a resistence... or some weak seams...i can say that this thing with the volume happend to me mostly when i was playing at a greater level with the volume.... for example 70-80% of its full power
The jacks on those amps are known to be awful. So the first thing to try is some contact cleaner - it might be a good idea to use it on all the jacks - and plugging the cable in a few times.