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I really want a record that is extremely rare but the seller wants 500 bucks for it. I think this is absolutely insane, being the band is pretty much unknown. What is the most you are willing to pay for an album? The album btw is The Girl Who Was Death by Devil Doll.
50 quid tops, and thats only if its something rare and hard to find that I know I'll like.
Normally no more than 20.
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500 bucks... **** off.
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unless it's packaged in jelly foetus that's not worth it.

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In my current financial state, maybe 50 bucks it it seems like it's really worth it to me.
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Id probably pay as much as $200 for one. Only if it's by my favorite or popular band/artist and was one of the first few. Of course, with proof and evidence of its date.

But I wouldn't pay past $30 for a regular everyday one
50 bucks, absolute tops.
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Paid 35 euro for Hail To The Thief on vinyl. Worth it.
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Yeah so I don't know what's up with this seller thinking somebody is just gonna come along and pay 500 for it. I didn't just find out about this either, it's been on the site for months now. Hopefully I can reason a price with him. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this is crazy.
20 minutes.
I feel cheap. I wouldn't go too much over 20$ CAD for one of my favorite bands. I'd be broke if I paid that much for all of my albums.
hm...if it was an old classic...that was rare...and an album that i loved from a band i loved then....maybe like 100$

but for a run of the mill 20 max....(excluding box sets and shit like that)
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$500 is way too high, i have gone over $100 a few times but never close to $500.
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£50,000 for a Rihanna album
It would have to be a super special edition with naked pics of her in the artwork and a 5 coupons to have sex with her. I'm not sure if such a thing exists, yet.
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£50,000 for a Rihanna album
It would have to be a super special edition with naked pics of her in the artwork and a 5 coupons to have sex with her. I'm not sure if such a thing exists, yet.

It does, i have it. Send me the money and i will send you the cd and coupons
$100. $500 is ridiculous and that seller is going to have no luck if he keeps it that high.

The most I've paid for an album is $50.
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Depends how much I wanted it.

Generally under £15 for an album that I'm just buying cos I like the looks/artist/genre/whatever. If it's like a new thing that I'm pumped for or like a special edition that I'm willing to leap for, I'd probably go £30 tops, maybe a bit more, but then this would be if I had available cash.
Like £15. Maybe more if it's some kind of special edition.

EDIT: pretty much what the guy above me said...

$50, and I'd have to really fucking love the band/record.

And if it's $50 it better be vinyl.
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I've been know to pay up to $100 for a record.I will pay more if it's something that i want.

you must be really rich to pay 100$ for an album you don't even want.
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Just spent £15 on an EP but its a 4 CD EP with a whole CD for each song (10 mins long) and with art and whatnot, plus its a limited edition and I couldn't download the album illegally if i wanted to.
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man this is sad but i wouldnt pay anything, cause i have youtube, ares, megaupload, taringa, etc, etc, i prefer buying tickets for the concerts....
I'd pay quite a lot for Desert Sessions I (Instrumental Driving Music for Felons) on the original clear blue vinyl...maybe as much as a month's rent
Depends on what kind of album it is. If it's a limited edition one, I'll pay $50-$60.
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