Hey guys if u have any experience with ether of this two amps i want to hear it. And if you played both i really want to hear it. I've been searching for a long time for the amp i want and its come down to this two. Now just for your knowledge i play stuff ranging from a little blues like Hendrix and Stevie Ray, alot of Classic/Hard Rock like ACDC GNR Zeppelin, and Old School Metal and Hair Metal like Metallica Ozzy Dio Megadeth Van Halen Maiden. Thank you very much.
V3 is a great amp. Ive never played Traynor but have heard good things. The carvin is very versatile and IMO can do anything albiet some things better than others. I would go for it just because I can get a usable tone for anything Ive tried to play through it including those styles and lots more. Hope this helps even if Im biased.
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