I have a 30 watt Washburn amp and a 120 watt Peavey Triumph amp.
The Peavey is very powerful and honestly not for bedroom practice, which I normally do a lot of.
The washburn originally had a 10" 40 watt 8 ohm speaker, which died and I replaced with some Pioneer home stereo 12" speaker.
Well, I took what I believe is the Scorpion Ultra speaker out of the Peavey, just to see what it sounded like in the washburn.
It turns out, it's a lot more tone sensitive, and seems to be louder, the scorpion speaker is 8 ohms 120 watts, and the amp it's in is 30 watts, and on the back it says 75 watts max, i played on it for about 20 minutes and didnt experience any problems or strange noises, so is it safe to use this speaker with the amp on a regular basis?
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Perfectly safe.
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It shouldnt be a problem, same ohmage, and bigger wattage than the speaker before. If the speaker was lower wattage than the factory wattage, then yes it would be, but your safe.
Thank you.
I must have been using a junk speaker before, because when I put the Scorpion in it (which btw, the magnet is colossal on it) I noticed it was more sensitive to my EQ settings, in a way it sounded as good as it does when say, the amp/effects pedal is plugged through headphones.
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