hello, i have recently gotten myself a interceptor and have been wondering for awhile if i could install a sustainiac stealth pro on it and if i could where would i buy the pick up from and would my local music shop install it in for me. i am wanting to try out the sustainiac so i can make up my mind in whether to get the new schecter synyster custom s or just the normal synyster custom. i really need help with this one.
cheers Liam.
You can buy them from Samash the last time I checked. Your local shop might be able to install it depending on what kind of work they do. Chances are they might not dig into the body of the guitar, unless you pay a hefty price. You might want to find a local guitar luthier and have him install it.
Alright well i will deffently look into it alot further and see what i can do. Thank you.